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CAR FINANCE ADVANCES OF £2,500 - £20,000

Infinity Car Finance - Frequently Asked Questions

I need a car fast, how long do you take?
We can pay the dealer out same day for the vehicle, so you could actually drive away the car the same day if it's ready to go!

Is Infinity a Lender or a Broker?
Infinity is a credit broker, not a lender. We may receive a fee from a lender, however, we do not charge you any fees for our service.

So, Once I apply what happens?
Your application is then checked for missing information, then reviewed to determine how it can best be underwritten.

I'm not sure I want to make an online application, what about security?
The application is secure and you can tell this by looking for the padlock sign on the application page in your browser. All data is encrypted from this point, so you can be assured that nobody is able to collect your data apart from us, where the data is un encrypted. If your still unsure, call us in working hours and we will take the details down over the telephone. When making online applications, you should always ensure that the page you are entering your data on displays the padlock image and shows it is secure.

When do I get an answer after making an application?
Usually same day, there may be some instances where it will drag over to the following day. For instance applying in the evening, outside of our business hours, weekends or only providing some not all the information required on the form.

I don't know if I can get finance, any tips?
The best thing you can do is tell the truth, don't think for a moment that if you don't put the correct address history in we wont be able to tell. Missing an address off because you have adverse credit there will get you declined. Missing important fields because you cant be bothered to fill in the form will not help your application. Another "for instance" are those applicants who don't put their home telephone number in because they don't want people calling them.Having a home telephone (land line) number is a positive point when underwriting a loan application.The bottom line is that if you tell the truth and provide all the information asked for on the form, you have the best chance of being approved. Being devious, misleading, untruthful and downright dishonest will get you declined.

I have good credit what's the APR?
The fact of the matter in the current credit market is that you may indeed have excellent credit, however, lenders are being very restrictive. Whereas last year you had letters by the dozen offering you credit through the letterbox, this has now dried up. Lenders are looking for certain profiles of customer, this means the deals you were offered 12 months ago are not there any more for many customers. We will advise you of a payment and APR when we notify you of the approval. If the deal is good for you then we can proceed, if its not then you can find another financier. We do not charge for anything, so the only thing you will lose is time. We ARE NOT involved in asking for upfront fees or other "doubtful" practices that some other vehicle finance providers operate under.Using our service costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

I'm interested in a PCP, Lease. lease hire etc.
We can organise this through a third party, please make sure you put this in the notes on the application form, otherwise we will assume you just want a standard hire purchase loan, which is what we do.

I'm approved, whats the deal on proofs I have to supply?
Standard requirements for employed applicants are.Copy of a full driving licence - This is to confirm you can drive the vehicle and confirms your signature.A recent payslip. Just two items. Self Employed applicants we require the last three months bank statements (they don't get payslips!), this is to confirm you can service the loan. You can either send these items direct to us via email or you can take them with you to the dealership and they can copy and send them to us.You will need to make sure the vehicle has comprehensive cover (Fully Comp) in place.

Where do I get the vehicle from, where do I start looking?
We DO NOT supply the vehicle, we only supply the finance. You can visit and view any dealer in your local area, you can negotiate the deal knowing the finance is in place for you. If the dealer asks, you just tell them that your finance is in place and you will get us to call the dealer when your happy with the deal you have got.

Why not use the dealers finance company?
The simple answer to this is that the dealer will make up any deductions or discounts he has offered you on the vehicle from the finance he arranges for you. On the face of it you may have struck a great deal on the vehicle, the dealer has agreed to discount the price by a few hundred pounds and you think you have the deal of the month, well.. You can bet that what he has discounted on the car will be more than made up on the finance he offers you and the commission he earns from the deal he does with you and his finance company. Always keep the car purchase and the finance separate, then you know you have a good deal.

What about a deposit, do I need to put one down?
We do not require you to put a deposit down, you may want to put a "holding deposit" on the vehicle, but that is up to you.Unless stated otherwise, we assume that the customer would rather not put a deposit down.

How sure am I that the vehicle is ok?
We will undertake a free HPI check for you when you have located the vehicle. We will of course advise you of any problems such as - incorrect mileage, accident damage, insurance claims or write off, outstanding finance owing. This gives you the peace of mind that the vehicle that your buying is clear of all these "hidden" things.

Is there anything else to keep in mind when I go looking?
In the main, we will not finance vehicles which have in excess of 120,000 miles on the clock. We have some limits on age as well, if your looking for a vehicle over 10 years old - please call us beforehand as we need to approve this exception before. Otherwise your good to go. If in doubt, just call us.

What about imports, will you finance them?
Usually yes, if we can value it, we tend to be able to finance it. Again, call us if your unsure if we will be able to finance it.

I have found the vehicle I want to buy, what now?
Call us with the Registration Number and the Mileage, as well as what you have negotiated on the price. We will then undertake the HPI check and advise you that were good to proceed. We will then organise a full quote for you. When we organise the quote, you will have number of things explained to you and you will be offered some additional insurance products such as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Theft Protect. Click the links for more information on these products. Keep in mind that from time to time details and cover change, however, the links give you a good idea of what they are.

I've been quoted and agreed to proceed, what happens next?
We make contact with the dealer and set everything up for you. We email the documents and agree how were paying them for your vehicle. Between Infinity and the dealer we complete the paperwork and organise for you to sign the documents.If you haven't sent your proofs to us yet, this is when you will need to take them.When we have the signed documents back, there usually faxed or emailed back same day, we organise the payment to the dealer so you can be driving away as soon as possible.

I need the vehicle urgently, how quick can I have it?
We have three methods of payment to the dealer. Cheque - this is posted to the dealer first class, BACS - this is an electronic payment method and takes three working days to clear, CHAPS - this is paid same day into the dealers bank account as cleared funds, meaning the money is clear same day by 5pm. If you require a same day payout we need all completed paperwork by you and the dealer in our office by 12 noon. You should speak to us before hand so we are aware of your requirements, only telling us when you sign the paperwork doesn't work for anybody. Cheque, BACS and CHAPS payments are all free. Apart from this you need to make sure that the dealer is in a position to let the vehicle go, for instance the vehicle might need a service or MOT which will delay things.

I have picked the vehicle up now, is there anything else I need to know?
Yes, your first payment is usually a month from the day the dealer is paid, you usually agree the first payment date when we organise your quote. You must keep the vehicle fully comprehensively insured throughout the loan period.

Finally from us...
We believe that you will find us professional, understanding and approachable. We will never try and hide behind "business talk" or use phrases that you do not understand. We hope that by dealing with customers as we would like to be treated ourselves, we hope to maintain our good reputation. If you feel we have not delivered an adequate service please read about our Customer Complaints Procedure. Infinity is also keen to adopt the FSA code of practice on Treating Customers Fairly.


Remember, the sale or hire purchase motor car finance we provide or source; is only secured on the vehicle or car you are buying. Not your home or other possessions. You must purchase your car or van through an auto dealer in the UK mainland, using our car finance facilities.We will also finance an imported vehicle on car finance.
Infinity Finance are a forward thinking auto finance company and offer insurance products, such as Payment Protection and GAP Insurance. Both, are entirely optional and licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Number 605610 as a credit broker company. Registered Office is available from Companies House. Crown Way, Maindy, Cardiff CF14 3UZ. Company Registration No. 6296225. VAT Registration for Infinity is exempt.

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